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What to Expect in a Mediumship Reading?



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In Mediumship readings Catherine will endeavour to provide evidence of the afterlife by connecting with your loved ones beyond the etheric veil in heaven. While she is connected with them she will provide evidence, that only you and the spirit person would have known. 

After connecting you to your loved ones in spirit Catherine will answer questions about your life and help you find direction.  She does not predict the future. During this portion of the reading she will talk to you and offer holistic, life changing solutions and thought process to any challenges you may be having in life. You will be offered easy techniques to empower you to take control of your intuition.

Session are 60 minutes long. 

Watch the video above to understand what to expect in a mediumship reading. 

Intuitive and Mediumship Reading


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Aromatic Luxurious Massage


You will be guided through a journey to uncover your past lives by experienced hypnotherapist, Catherine L. Richmond. She will lead your through at least one to two past life and the life between life zone, before gently bringing you back in the room and debriefing your regression, analysing the affects your past lives have had on your current life.  Please allow up to 2 hours. 



Past Life Regression


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This session includes: 

1 .25 layers of different essential oils applied in an angelic layering

techniques on your back, arms, calves & feet. 

2. Personally tailored Meditation

3. Hot towels 

4. Intuitive/ Mediumship Reading

Enjoy a relaxing aromatic massage with 25 different layers of luxurious essential oils. 

After you've entered the world of relaxation Catherine will provide a short mediumship and intuitive reading, connecting you to your loved ones in heaven.