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Our Products 

Our mission is to help people who have lost loved ones find the comfort and guidance they need on their spiritual journey.


We believe that our loved ones never truly leave us, and our products are designed to help you connect with them in a meaningful way. Our products are handcrafted using high-quality materials and are infused with positive energy, making them the perfect tools for anyone who wants to enhance their spiritual practice.

Daily Guidance Cards

Love of Life

The Love of Life Guidance Cards are a beautifully crafted 67 card deck designed to connect you with the divine and provide spiritual guidance whenever you need it. Each card contains clear, easy to understand explanations, instructions and inspiration to support you on your journey. These cards are perfect for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with their higher self. Order your Love of Life Guidance Cards today and start receiving divine guidance.

Heaven Sent Messages 

At Heaven Sent Messages, we believe in the power of connection and comfort. That's why our gift box card set includes 45 beautifully illustrated messages from your dearly departed loved ones.


These messages offer guidance, comfort, and the chance to reconnect with those who have passed on. And with our affordable price of $39.95, including postage in Australia, it's easier than ever to experience the healing power of these messages. Contact us today to order your set and start receiving messages from the other side!



Free App

The Field Of Grace

The Field of Grace is a free app which has:

  • Many meditations

  • Daily affirmations

  • Tutorials

  • Interviews.

Pick a daily affirmation card, choose from a large variety of meditations designed to help you sleep, help you clear your mind, find inner peace and connect with your loved ones. 


Click the image to download

Manifesting & Goal Planner

Transform your life with the Manifestation and Goal Planner. This inspiring journal is designed to help you create abundance and joy by manifesting your goals and dreams.


Packed with motivational quotes, tips for positive change, and a goal planner to keep you on track, this journal is your ultimate tool for personal growth.


Whether you’re seeking to enhance spirituality or bring more positivity into your life, the journal is guaranteed to help you achieve your aspirations.

Coming Soon!

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