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Young son!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

"It’s me, mum”. Said the small voice from the other world. Today I had the pleasure of working with one of the bravest, wisest ladies I have meet in a long time. As I sat to see who I could bring in from the other world, so many people wanted to show they were here to support her. Her lovely grandparents showing that her son had been named after granddad & then her wonderful parents came in, so much love. But then I felt the presence of her young son. "So I believe I have your son here!" I said." “Yes go on" she replied. He shows me you are with him when he leaves his body. He says “I am struggling to breath!"

I know he had thought his health condition was under control but has a relapse. He calls the name of his step sister sa.... He calls the name of his step father........He talks about the joke about you nearly getting a tattoo for him. He wants you to know he was aware of your taking a cutting of his hair on a holiday. He loved the special poem that was read at his funeral. He was excited about the 21st celebration you had for him. He is aware you kept his clothes and a blanket. A lovely devoted family dog is here with him in his arms. Please give messages to my step sister she needs some encouragement at moment. Can you please tell? My step dad, he has such an inspiring character. Also I love his new car. I feel he goes for rides in it when your hubby takes it out. He then gave a personal message for his mum. Well I could not wait to get clarification. I asked my lovely sitter could they share their story with me. She began. My son was 10 when he died from Asthma. We had the all clear from doctors then he had another massive attack taking his life. I have in a box his blanket and clothes .The joke about the tattoo is I went overseas and got a fake one in his honor but it was washable. His step dad got the car of his dreams. His step sister had a special bond with my son...... So thank you to my beautiful people in heaven and my sitters for allowing me to gather evidence life goes on in the other worlds when we leave this earthly body.


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