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“Tell my daughter that I think all mediums are frauds!”

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

I was sitting with a new client and could feel her father drawing close from beyond the etheric veil.

“Tell my daughter that I never listen to her when she talked about the afterlife. I would simply tell myself that all psychics and mediums are frauds. I need her to know how truly sorry I am for leaving abruptly as I did. I contributed to my own passing.” I relayed this information to the sitter.

“Your father tells me that you were planning to get a tattoo in his honour. Please do not feel like you have to do this. He will always be in your heart.”

My sitter nods in confirmation.

“Your father is begging me to ask you if you could please apologise to your mum, his wife. He wishes he treated her better, like a princess. She deserved only that. He’s showing me that you inherited his ute. Would that be true?”

“Yes!” My client stated.

“He says that he’s glad that you get to use the wheels that he changed not long before his passing. He’s showing me a picture of him with an evil Knievel helmet, he thinks he’s a regular Evil Knievel.”

My sitter laughed.

“I want to say his passing is recent. Would that be correct?”

“Yes, you are correct.”

“Your father has proceeded to show me that he was extremely clever when it comes to cars. Your father is telling me that he has an important message for his son, your brother.

He has been trying to get your brother’s attention by turning the car radio up and down. He wants him to know, that he loves him.”

Suddenly the radio that was gently playing music in the background of the reading, started turning itself on and off repeatedly.

My sitter and I burst out laughing. Once we regained our composure, I continued with the reading.

“Would it be okay if you pass a message on to your sister please?”

“Of course.”

“He wants her to know that when she was ten years old, he had developed mental health issues and didn’t seek help when he needed it most. He’s worried that he did not show her enough that he truly loved her. He feels like he let you down. He’s also showing me that his Staffordshire terrier had also passed over. He tells me how he knows this always makes you smile.”

I took a second to give her time to digest this information.

“He wants to thank you for all that you did for him. He was so truly lucky to have the family he did. He was diagnosed with the wrong mental issue and received the wrong care. He struggled so hard to control his symptoms.”

A personal message was delivered before I closed the reading.

The lovely lady who sat across from me composed herself.

“My father died eights days ago, He was really struggling with life.” She told me.

“I had not felt him near me but my car radio goes silly all the time since his passing. I have a photo of my dad in front of a race car, he always loved doing daring car sports. Every time I would talk to him about he would roll his eyes and tell me that if he could not see it. It mustn’t be real.”

“He must eat humble pie, having to communicate through a medium!” We laughed.

“If you give your sister my number and get her to call me, I will deliver a personal message to her from your father at no extra cost.”

Later that week, her sister did indeed call. I was able to deliver a personal message to her from her father and heal a small portion of the pain, she had suffered over her lifetime. Thinking that she wasn’t enough and he didn’t love her. We never know what even our closest loved ones are going through, which is why we must understanding, patient and always have love in our hearts.

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