You are being watched!

You are being watched. Well excuse the play on the word watch but what a message from the loved ones in heaven for my sitter. Let me begin at 4.45 pm in afternoon my youngest daughter needs a dress to go out. I am passing her a dress l bump my jewelry box my great grandfathers pocket watch falls out. l say "oh my l did not know this was in here l have not seen this for many years. " l open it and momentary lament over how l never really knew my family other than my parents. So after a moment l put it back. Now 15 minutes later my new massage client arrives. Beautiful lady so bubbly. As she sat in the chair l could feel her husband from the etheric world come close to me. l said nothing about him. The lady exclaimed" she was excited about getting an aromatic massage" l said” can l tell you what l do?" She laughs” Oh l know you massage people" she said. . " l study life after death communication and l believe your husband is here with us." I replied. " Oh, l am a little skeptical of this" she then went on to say. So l asked if l could just sit and pray for a couple of minutes. It was good conditions as with most clients l stop for one hour before pray and meditate before l see each one. Her husband was quick to blend. l feel he has been gone a very long time to the etheric world many years. He shows me, his past with cancer in the chest and brain. He says for you to stop thinking you could have done any more you were raising our 4 young boys. He talks about the diagnosis was incomplete. "l go to the doctor for a mark on my face" He went on to say " l know in my heart something is wrong l feel unwell. lt is aggressive 7 to 9 months l am not myself. l loved life, to the world l was so positive and happy “ l love you so much " he says. I am being told there is a funny story about you dating him. He goes on “One of the boys has his name and he wants you to forgive this son as he can be quite harsh and appear very distant from you." He is bringing through your beloved small black dog he is fine." By now my sitter has become quite emotional close my eyes in readings, so l cannot be accused of reading body language or working psychically as all this information could be in people’s electric field (aura) and reading that would not be proof of life after death communication. Her husband showed me he had well groomed dark hair and always looked after himself, very well. I went on with the reading." He wants you to buy yourself flowers regularly as he did for you" He talked about a couple of personal things he had seen since his passing. This meant a lot to my sitter. He brought through the sitters grandfather on her father’s side. A lovely man very caring and affectionate. The sitter’s grandmother on her mother’s side came into the room. Very efficient but apologized


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