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You are being watched!

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

It was late in the afternoon and my youngest daughter was getting ready to go out for dinner with friends. I had ironed one of her dresses for her while she was getting ready. As I went to pass it to her, I accidentally bumped the jewellery box which was delicately balancing on the edge of my antique dresser. It clashes to the floor, its contents spilling everywhere. Among my jewellery I found my great-grandfather antique pocket watch, which had been missing for many years. As I bent down and grasped it in my hands I pondered what life would have been like if I had the opportunity to know my grandparents and great-grandparents when they were alive. I reminded myself that, it was unfortunately not part of my life-plan to know my family, beyond my parents and quickly snapped back to reality.

I bid my daughter goodbye and prepared for my last client of the day.

A soon as I opened the door to greet my last client of the day, I felt the presence of her husband in spirit come close. His wife was so kind and bubbly, she was telling me how excited she was for her massage. I explained to her the other services I offer, besides massage and asked her if she would interested in a reading, at no extra cost. She confessed that she is in fact a sceptic when it comes to life beyond death but she would still take the time to hear what I had to say.

Her husband quickly blended with me. He was bursting with desire to prove to his wife that he had still been watching over her and their children from beyond the etheric veil. He showed me that he had passed away many years ago with lung and brain cancer. He talked about how was accidentally diagnosed. He had gone to the doctor because he noticed a strange mark on his face and had a gut feeling something else was wrong. He apologised for the last nine months that he was on earth, he was far from himself and didn’t want to leave his wife and children with that lasting impression. Had been such a positive man, so full of love and happiness. That is the man he wanted them to remember.

He begged his wife to forgive one of their sons that bore his father’s name has been having a hard time since his father’s death he had become distant, withdrawn and abrupt.

He talked about his physical appearance, he always had well groomed dark hair, taking pride in his appearance. He urged his wife to buy herself flowers regularly, as he had done for her. He spoke about private things he’d witnessed his wife and children experience since his passing, proving that he’d never stop watching over them.

My client’s husband brought through their small black dog that they had together, connected her grandfather from her father’s side and her grandmother from her mother’s side of the family. He went above and beyond to let his wife know that he loves her would be forever watching over her with the rest of their soul group from beyond the etheric veil.


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