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Would you like a Grandmother with your Tofu Roll?

What happened today has me smiling.

My youngest daughter had asked me to collect some lunch for her .

"Can I please have a bread roll with salad and tofu" she begged.

Our local Vietnamese shop was closed. I asked her to google the next closest place to us. She found another store but unfortunately it was a fifteen minute drive away. I had so many other things that I needed to get done that day but I couldn’t shake this bizarre feeling that I needed to go there.

I arrived to the jam packed shop and wait in the long winding cue. The lovely lady behind the counter promptly served me and advised me where to wait. As I wait, a woman approaches me, asking if she could stand near me. She excitedly remarked how excited she was for her tofu roll.

“Out of all the people in this shop, it’s funny you should say that to me.” I replied. “Tofu Bahn Mi’s were not explicitly advertised. I ordered it as well.”

That was it. Energy was coursing through my veins, I could feel her grandmother, from her mother’s side of the family. Oh god. How am I going to broach this with her?!?

“I don’t believe in coincidences,” I told her. “I think we were meant to meet today.”

The lovely lady look at me anxiously, waiting for the other shoe to drop, scared I was trying to sell her something.

I jumped in quickly to clear the air. “Please don’t think I am trying to sell you something but I study mediumship. Relaying to my clients messages from their loved ones in the spirit world.”

The lady steps back. “Oh! So you’re a medium?”

“Yes, I am. Would it be okay if I gave you a message for you to pass on to your mum, from her mother in the spirit world?”

“Really?!?” She replied, stunned by this turn of events.

With her consent, I continued. “Please tell her, that she is so sorry for being so controlling with your mum. She is so sorry for making your mother feel like she could not have her own opinion. It pains her to see how stifled and un-loved she made your mum feel. She wishes she could have been more loving, more supportive and more present for your mum. Please know, she is truly sorry.”

The lady looked at me with tears in her eyes. “Yes, of course I will pass this message on to my mum. It will mean to much. She is having a hard time at the moment and has recently been soul searching and researching past lives. We even spent a lot of money with an American medium, who disclosed our past lives, so we could make sense of things.”

“That’s so funny! I study past lives and how they influence our journey and relationships in this life. I hypnotise my clients and they tell me in great detail what they see in their past lives.”

The lady just stared in amazement, a huge smile stretched across her face.

“Please take my business card and give it to your mum. If she would like, she is welcome to have a free reading, a gift on your grandmother’s behalf. She is excited to prove to your mum that she is still with her and continues to watch over her.”

As I finished my sentence they called my receipt number from behind the counter.

“It was so lovely to meet you but I have to go now.” I explain as I head to the counter.

As I went to the counter, they called the number of the lady whom I had just spoken with, even though she was ten people behind me in the line.

“Yet another sign I need to talk to your mum.” I remarked.

She bid me goodbye with the promise she would tell her mother and even went on to thank me.

Everything thought we have, action we take, word we say is heard and seen by our loved ones in heaven.

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