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We understand loss!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We think we understand loss! I recently did mediumship for the most beautiful lady about 75 years old. As she sat down so many people from the etheric world came close to be here with her. Quickly her son came in showing he had taken his life. He showed he had been so close to his mother best friends. He was a larking, always making people laugh.

He showed his tattoos for confirmation and talked about his mother even after many years still having his ashes and keeping his clothes.(12 years ago he died).Her grandson came through apologies for the way he treated his grandmother. Quickly he let us know that he could not keep a job and was an avid drug user and big drinker. He believed he was cursed with depression like his dad and hung himself like his father did.

This lovely ladies mum came through. Such a beautiful soul she had been through so much loss. Her mum showed that her three sons (my sitters brothers where here with us). First brother shot himself, 10 days later second brother killed in car crash, then her twin brother dies from kidney failure. Then my sitter loses her grandparents, uncle, aunt and mother and father. All in such a short time so much loss.

The people in the etheric world her family where excited about her faith had kept her strong. I loved meeting both families here and in heaven. Love c so next time we think life is too hard spare a thought for others.

Docstory 14012018

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