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We just change form!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Some times in a reading the little things that a medium bring through means so much for the family who have lost a loved one. A lovely lady booked a reading with myself. When l started to read for her so many people from the spirit world wanted to prove they were around her. Her dad’s mother and father, her mum’s mother. Her dad’s brother and not to forget her beloved father.

What was memorable to myself was he gave wonderful evidence to prove he was here! He talked about his work and how everyone respected his opinion on things. He showed me before he left his earthly body he was in coma. He said he could see everyone around him but he waited to speak to him wife before he finally departed this earthly life.

Now l was excited when l finished the reading to get clarification on the names that where brought through and to hear more about the girl dog that her dad now had with him. Dad had mentioned her son was named after him. But what was especially touching was to hear the story of dad’s last moments. My sitter said" Dad and mum had a car accident but were sent to separate hospitals. The family called mum in her hospital bed and put the phone to dad to hear her voice one more time, he then died.

So special to be part of such a touching story. I am so humbled with what the people in heaven share with me to help their people (their loved ones) here on earth heal and prove there is no death we just change form.

Docstory 19122017

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