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To love someone after death

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

The people in heaven know so much. Today at noon l was dropping off an older lady some lunch, when I came back to my car another lady about 80 years old was standing in front of it." Please excuse me muttering to myself "she said. “I am talking to my husband he has been dead nearly 30 years but he was my best friend. Together 63 years." She went on talking with no idea of who I was or what I do. “Do you think he can hear me? She asked. She went on "My mother was a medium she spoke to the dead you know." (Smiling). I replied "absolutely l think our loved ones stay around us" so this lonely, lovely lady talked about their love of ball room dancing and how they were teachers. She was beaming and light up when she spoke of him. I chose not to say that l studied life after death communication. Sometimes it is better just to smile and listen. So l say good bye and go on my errands. Four hours later l was driving 5 minutes from where l had seen that lady. I stopped at a red light and started to feel the very strong presence of a man who had died of cancer sitting in my car. This man really wanted my attention. I said “Sir good afternoon, to whom are you connected? As l focused on the traffic lights in front of me l was strongly directed to look sharp right. Well l had to look then look again, here was that lovely lady l had meet four hours before crossing the foot path. How was that 30 years since her husband had left his earthly body and he was still very much in love with his wife...😍 l made a heavenly promise to my spirit gentleman? I said "Sir if you want me to show your wife you are here you have to bring us together again so l can talk to her." So no pressure for the people in heaven to arrange l love working to collect evidence we never die .love c.


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