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The Tattoos

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Sometimes when doing a reading a medium will doubt what they are getting is not their own mind misinterpreting things .Here is a small exert from a recent reading. I was looking for really good proof that my sitters mother was in the room with us. As a trance medium the people in heaven know that they can over shadow me (en trance). The lovely mother in the spirit world was so excited to blend with me. So much to say. She talked about her passing condition and how she loved her daughter was holding her hand while she was ill for so long.

This beautiful mum was a character leaving this earthly world quite young. She wanted it known that her other daughter and son were struggling. She talked about how this daughter held the family together and how they both loved Christmas, they were more like best friends. She was happy that her daughter had a locket of her hair. Her mum brought through her own recently passed over beloved Staffy dog. One of the funniest things was her mum said" Her daughter admires the tattoos others are getting in commence of her passing, but is way too scared to get one" So many others wanted to pop in even from her husband’s family. Her mum gave a valuable piece of advice." Don’t take substances like l did when l was younger". The sitter clarified after the reading had finished her mother had medication addiction struggles. Her mum would give her talks on not to get tattoos either (lol). l am so humbled to be part of this reading two beautiful souls one here one in heaven requited l am not against tattoos l just got a new one last week lol.


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