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The soul’s journey

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

A mother’s proof of communication beyond this world. I had this nice lady contact me about the soul’s journey. It was a good session about how our soul records our thoughts & events from every life. A couple of times during of chat I could feel the presence of her people who had left this world. My client finished asking me questions not knowing I do mediumship. She gets ready to stand up and says” my mother died last year" Well that is what I needed, I ask “would it be ok to give you some information to prove she was with you?” OK yes please" my client replied. I sat and prayed for a few moments. "As I ask your mum to step through the veil “she shows me you have her ring on a neck lace around your neck. She talks about you not quite making it before her passing. She shows me her health is pretty good but I am feeling generally unwell pains around my lungs then l quickly leave my body. I know that there has been a delay in her ashes being laid to rest. It’s like you have a plan for them but then you change your mind. She sends her love to her sister. She misses playing the pokies. She wants you to know you where her best friend. As she draws closer she is showing me she loved stories about the afterlife. She wants to be remembered to a relative starting with F. I know there are beautiful photos of your mum in pant suits. She liked pants more than dresses. A personal message was given. Your mum’s mum is here "May" maybe her name. She shows me her personality. Nothing upsets her. Very elegant and easy going. I then explain I would need to finish up for the evening. I asked for clarification. My mum loved to watch medium shows. The thing about her ashes is. We bought a plot but after she was cremated I could not dispose of her ashes. So she is at home the plot can just wait. I am wearing her ring it was very precious to her it was also another family member's. She loved a flutter on the pokies. The F... name is her partner. So much love for her daughter. How amazing my client has no idea except to talk about our soul's journey. But her mother in the spirit had another agenda. I love being part of these stories. I love being of service to the people in heaven. Thank you for sharing.

Docstory 24072018

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