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The Possum

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Can you please book me in for a past life regression NOT! A lovely lady booked to discuss why we should understand our soul’s journey through our many lives. I should of woken up this was not what would be a normal session when she arrived. I open the door and see my largest possum I feed waiting 2 hours early sitting with no fear near my client. She is happily chatting away to him. I say" that's unusual he does not let anyone else near him”. My clients says" I will wait while you feed him". Next in my mind I know l have to make ginger tea and provide ginger biscuits for our session. We sit down to chat but it is no use. I am totally drawn to the people in the spirit world she has brought with her. I start talking gibberish because I foolishly try to control the conversation by keeping it about past lives. It’s no use, I apologize and explain what has happened to Me. "I study trance mediumship, would you mind if I tell you that your people in the etheric world have got my attention? I believe your father and many others are here" " Really,” she replied that is interesting. I ask for permission to pray to ask who wants to come in to chat, I show my client I don't want to be working psychically as that does not prove life after death communication. Well what happened next was truly a wonderful experience from the spirit world. " I know I have your dad here, you and he where so close. He has been gone a very long time. He talked about getting unwell then was gone. He talked about her childhood. He was such a character. Your grandfather is here. You were his favorite. He added some small pieces of evidence. He talks about he has your baby you lost. He reminds my client of the blue bird jewelry he gave her as a child. Your mum is here. She is laughing you have kept her old crockery. Your family know you love ginger that is why the ginger treats I made. She knows you have her necklace. She loves you so much. As I was trying to give the characters and the passing conditions for evidence of each of my beautiful spirit people there was another person standing waiting in line. At last they could wait no longer. I changed personalities. I am being drawn to a person who was extremely saddened by what they have done. I became totally drawn in by this man’s character. "It my son! “My client said. " ok I have to really work hard here,” I replied. I know I leave the earth suddenly, you must stop blaming yourself mum. You are the best mother in the world!" You where more than a mother you were a great go to, your where my rock. He talked about her getting a tattoo and his brother in his honour. There was a joke about his name living on because he said his sister had named her son after him. He was so intent on getting his messages through. He wanted his bro to know he had his back now in the spirit world. He gave a personal message about some money for his brother. So much love for his family. He brought through the baby my client had lost and said it was with him as well. "He is with me" he said. He wanted to tell his mate who was like a brother he was ok and sorry for how he left. He showed us his drink of choice and some chemicals had been an influence on his tragic decision making. He talked about a ring one of his family was wearing now of his. One of the funniest moments was the constant reference to songs he made for his mum. I said “he is trying to tell me you have something of his in the front of your car, I think? Well my client stopping being so upset to laughing so hard. I finished the reading with a personal message from him. I could not wait to find out more. It was not the front of her was the front of her bra...way too funny. I asked her what the joke about the possum was. She replied he moved into a new place and a possum came into the house and ate their pizza. lol I am humbled to be part what happened. So many questions were answered so much love. Thank you for allowing me to share the story. Love cat

Docstory 14072018

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