The Hat

"Tell her I know about my neck lace that she has now” said the sister in law and Dad came through wearing this unusual hat but why? So I am the most skeptical person of looking for proof of the afterlife. I see that most readings are psychic which does not prove life after death communication. So when in a reading recently I see the sitter’s dad come through in an unusual hat. I say to client" look I am seeing dad in this hat that he loved but I think it is corny ".

The sitter laughs says "l will show you later.” Dad talked about his throat condition before passing. He loved the tattoo you got for him. He talked about his daughters amazing strength to bring the family together. He was so funny he was so against mediums in real life. Now here he was chatting through one. He brought through his beloved black dog. I was so lucky to meet this family .l love working with the spirit world When l finished my sitter said "here is dads hat." Well l broke up." its bright green" like photo.


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