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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to doing a families reading. I work so hard at not working psychic (looking at client using their aura for information).

This week I read for a lovely father who had lost his son tragically. Now because I had read for the mother of this young man, I said to the people in the spirit world" I need really good proof you are in the room with me. I begin the reading (now I have my eyes closed).

The young man steps very close to me from the spirit world. So much love you could feel these two shared, the dad who was my sitter and the young man where true mates. I gave some information that was proof he was in the room but to me it was not the golden globe of a performance if you can excuse the pun.

Until he gives me "I want to say your son shows me he is so happy about a work of art he is connected with that it has been made into a tattoo and that the art work has a new frame and is on show." That was what I needed now the dad was a believer.

After the reading the dad said. He had a painting that his son had created and his wife had made into a tattoo. He often sat with the art work thinking of his son. What devotion from the son in the spirit world he truly wanted his dad to know he was here with him and loved him very much.

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