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Stop what you are doing right now! Go outside!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Well that was a new one.l was finishing a zoom reading and a great unnerving sense of urgency came over me.I could hear " Go outside now!".But why? l thought.

I go out my front door and look around and at that moment l see a red car drive past .

Nothing unusual , l go to my letterbox and the red car turns around and the red car stops across from my house.

I go to return to my doorway. I could hear a person get out of the car calling out.

" Can you help me? " very emotional.She ran across the road to me." I am so lost , I have my baby in the car who is very upset l am trying to get Kipper-Ring.

I charged my phone this morning but strangely it went flat.She is tired and very hungry we have driven for ages."

I replied " l will get my car and you can follow me".

The lady was so upset.

" I just want to go home please to Boondall"

I replied " No problems you where about 15 minutes away from Kippering and about 10 minutes from Boondall."

I went in to get my car keys, the lady had lifted her baby out of the car.The baby was crying.I reached towards the baby and said the Gayatri mantra.The baby stopped crying instantly.The lovely lady of Indian heritage said" how do you know the mantra?

I replied l went to India and study spirituality.

She looked at my out stretched arm it has the Gayatri tattooed on my form arm.

The lady stared at me so hard.

We where standing at my one metre tall statue of Lord Ganesha (remover of obstacles.).

She looked at the statue and said " What is happening?"

I smiled " let's get you home the universe wants you and your daughter safe."

So off we drove her following my car.

On the way l hear " tell her we are here with her!"

Here l am trying to keep with my lost lady, drive my manual car in the hetic traffic and again l hear " she needs to know please tell her its her mother and grandmother.

We arrive in her street my lost lady gets out of her car and runs over to me.

" Nobody does this anymore l can't that you enough"

I take a big breath and say

" it was your mother and grandmother they organised us meeting so you would feel their support. "

My ladies eyes widened, she replied " l pray to my mother and grandmother l miss them so much, l feel so lost ."

She reached over and hugged me.She then said " l have no idea of what just happened"

So much love from her loved ones in heaven.


1.lady is lost no where near where she needed to be.

2.A charged phone goes flat

3.She stops & asks me for directions.

4.l lived in Boondall so l knew where she wanted to go.

4.Her family in heaven knew l would tell her that they are trying to show her she is not alone.

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