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My dead husband sits in that chair!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

What? I am putting in a 2nd seance room for group members to train in.

I could hear you must have a red chair.

Strangely l never been a real favourite of the red.

But my mind kept hearing search now.

I see lots of red chairs all too far away.

I then read a advertisement that has a whole set very affordable.

I contact the lady selling it asking to seperate the set of chairs.

After l sent the message l told my husband he suggests l just buy the set & discard an older chair.

So l make the arrangements and off we go.

As l walk in the door l could sense the ladies husband in spirit.

I say nothing.

The lady said " Everyone thinks l am odd because l see my recently departed husband often sitting in the chairs."

My husband looks at me and laughs.

I reply to the lady " It is real he is here," I offer to do a free reading at another time.

I explain that the chairs will be used for physical mediumship training.

The lovely lady was so excited.

So thanks to the beautiful people in spirit we have new chairs that definitely bring loved ones with them.

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