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We are made from Pink Love

The lady in pink has left this earthly world for heaven. Beautiful Moyia O'Brien the pink twin who Started Swara for the disabled has passed over last week. Moyia was a mentor to me always reminding me to be love. "We are all made from pink love no matter our makeup animal or human.

Tonight we sat in a Trance mediumship group. We regularly sit asking the etheric world (people who have passed over to prove they can communicate with us here on earth.) I was being skeptical that Moyia could contact us with good proof that it was her. We had 4 people in the room who had not met her & had not known much about her. A beautiful feeling of love came over the group with each person adding what they felt after we sat to music for one hour. One sitter said "I can see a bunch of pink roses with thorns being taken off. Another sitter said "They could see a lady who was like a mother but not our mother. The 3rd sitter said they felt the lady walk around to each one of us. I was being skeptical I said in my mind "I wish the music would stop so I could hear the 1930 experimental valve radio, we had set up and within 2 minutes of me thinking that the CD screeched to a stop. I could not stop the tears of joy coming down my face during the sitting it was so blissful. One of the sitters said she felt the lady from the spirit world blend with her physically and show her how she died. Well when I asked the person from spirit world to communicate through the old valve radio we had noticeable difference in the noises.Upon finishing our sitting we exchanged information. I said" only two people in the world knew that I took pink roses to Moyia always taking off all the thorns so as not to hurt her, my daughter & I".As I told that to my group my daughter walked in and sat down. Mum, she said " Why do you have tread from pink ribbon around you to the table to the group?" Upon investigating a satin pink thread had attached itself to us about 3 metres long. We all laughed tonight I started our prayer before starting circle with " Please put a pink ribbon of love around our group to work in love" again that was something Moyia had taught me for many years. One of the sitters had brought pink roses and gave them to me for the trance room. She said "l wanted to buy you white roses, but I was so drawn to these pink ones.(that was Moyia’s love pink roses, so every visit l brought them to her) A foot note to the night. While having our cup of tea and cake afterwards, one of the sitters said they were struggling with their work team as some did not come from love and where bitter.I piped up and said.”It must be us that work in love and others will follow. Maybe you were brought into that job to be the change they need" I got a eyes roll from the sitter as if to say "Yeah sure". As we finished our tea I brought out a painting of Moyia and the Guru Sathya Sai Baba.She talked about him often and his teachings of love. I wanted to show what Moyia had looked like. I placed a couple of Moyia’s books on the cupboard. One sitter opened a book and her jaw dropped open. Guess what this page says "Moyia had written we have to be the ones to bring love to others. The sitter reading it out was the one who had just rolled her eyes. I love working for the company of heaven to prove we never die.

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