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Love from heaven

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I am so amazed at what just happened in a reading today .l get a phone call "l am from interstate can you urgently fit me and my friend in?" Two lovely young ladies attend .l offer my usual vegan (cruelty free treats) they smile we are both vegan. One lady then sits for me. With great gusto her mother in law comes through the etheric veil. It was important that she get a message to her son. I loved the evidence she gave she showed how she passed.This beautiful woman put ear rings on me and fixed my clothes showing how very tidy she always looked. She wanted her son to look at his career further the studies he had wanted. She loved his singing in church but wanted him to be confident and sing more .She had noticed, he had promised to address his exercise routine and diet but had been very slack.

She mentioned he had her favourite brooch. She was concerned about her son because they were very close and she was worried about his grief at this Christmas. “Remember all the good times l don't look like l did when l was sick. I am very well now!" She exclaimed. This lovely lady was so happy about the love and closeness of his partner (my sitter) had with her son. My sitter’s grandfather came through describing his lovely personality a real gentleman. He then started to call “Thomas is here with me" his next words where "l have my dog here the medium sized one with the long hair." My sitter said "That is Thomas, the dog”. A personal message came from her mother in law about her career and money worries. An aunt came through such a lovely family. Then I closed the reading. The other lovely lady came in and sat down for her reading. Her people in the etheric world came close. A grandparent came in. But l could feel a strong male young man present and I say " this is unusual as it is not a love connection but we are besties" My young man then shows me l don't live to be 21.I die tragically with others with me .l am part to blame for me departure from this earth. l am happy for the tattoo you have representing me .He shows me his personality as silly fun. l want to wear clothes that are zany ripped jeans cut off shorts l am the centre of the party. He talks about his departure as painless as there was an impact then darkness. l had left my body another is hurt in the accident. He was so animated in energy a true delight to work with. He showed me she had seen him since his passing and he had also appeared in her dreams. I closed the reading but as l did l exclaimed" I know who that was!" My sitter replies " That was " Jordan "Oh my " l say l am totally lost for words. Holding back the tears l say "You are never going to believe this but his mother was here this week helping us study physical mediumship. I had asked her for a photo of her son and his girlfriend Sarah. When l received the photo, l felt these two departed souls would have a huge impact on our training for proof of the afterlife communication. On weds l spoke to a medium from our group and told her of my beliefs. So l have now finished the two readings l say to the young ladies" l would like to show you the room when 13 of us study physical mediumship (evidence of the afterlife being able to physically walk through us and communicate for others to see). One of the young ladies who had been Sarah's best friend for many years walked up to a chair. Keep in mind there is 13 chairs in the room. She went to sit in it, stopped then finally sat down in it. My face dropped, l had taken that chair from the room before our last trance night. Last Sunday night Sarah ( who had left her earthly body )these girls best friend had walked from the cabinet holding a teddy bear wearing a daisy chain or flowers and sat in a invisible chair where it normally would be. Many mediums could describe her knew nothing of her before that night. So now her best friend is sitting in the chair l had returned before her meeting today. I tell the girls of the events of last trance night .The young lady sitting in that very chair says" l bought that teddy bear for her and her mother gave it recently back to me for my bed. So lost for words. Such a humble honour to meet this family who are working to help me get evidence of the afterlife. I love my work so much.


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