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Love from Brother!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

What if you came for a reading thinking "I am skeptical maybe someone might come through if it was real”? Well that is what two lovely ladies thought. An aunty and a niece. The niece reluctantly went first to sit with me. We did some quick psychic work, then I told her l was going to pray and blend with her people changing to mediumship. Well so many people wanted to come through the etheric veil. Two grandmas, an aunt, a uncle such a close family. The ladies where from New Zealand so it was very interesting when the names where coming through they were Maori (I don’t speak Maori). They joked about what they had seen recently since their passing of her family. I had so much fun blending with them. Then the aunt came and sat for me .

Well I was thinking this lady would be interesting to read for. So the fun began, He grandfather was quick to come in. With her husband's father following after that. Then her father. I stopped prayed and commenced to bring another male a younger man 17 years old just before his 18th birthday. Well this young man worked hard bringing through that he was her brother. (I had this unusual feeling). I know that he has a hand in his passing. I can see that he shows me that there was medication and alcohol at his passing. He impresses on my mind that he has an accident before his passing that has been difficult for him to deal with. He joked about a tattoo I should ask about later.

Again so many people wanted to say hello from the other side of the veil that we call heaven. When I had finished the reading I could not wait to ask about her people in the spirit world. I said “Please may I ask about your brother?” “Oh yes she said" My brother was badly burnt weeks before he died. He was on pain medication and had been drinking the day he died. He had fallen asleep with a cigarette in his mouth catching alight and dying." I asked, “What is the joke about the tattoo? She replied “look he gave me a tattoo and I gave him one". Well I am humbled to be part of the love that is shared when so many people come through the etheric veil we often call heaven. Love c


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