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Love and Friendship never dies

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Well now that was unexpected! After my clients this morning I thought I would have a spot of lunch. As soon as I sat down to eat I could feel the presence of a larger than life elderly man coming in from the spirit world. I said to myself “I don't have any more life after death conversations today, just a client asking about the soul’s journey “so this persistent man kept I company for 3 hours. The lady came at pm and we chatted about our life purpose etc. After about an hour I had to say it “love has your dad left his earthly body? The ladies face light up" yes" she said replied with" I just want to say at this time he has been here all afternoon." I then said as a evident medium because you have talked a lot about yourself l would question anything l get from the spirit world. So l said “l won’t sit in trance to do mediumship as it’s getting late. Let’s just do your essential oil massage now?" I go to stand and her father in the spirit world had other plans. I felt this over whelming urge to sit back down and pray and go into trance. He brought through his health condition of passing over. He talked about their long chats .He mentioned her former partner and how they had not seen eye to eye. He joked about his love of restoring old cars. He talked about his wife (the sitters mum) and their sweet heart relationship. He had made an observation of his daughter (my sitter) of some changes that she had talked about doing but had not made any attempt to do. He made it clear no way in this world would he believe you could talk to the dead. So much love and friendship for these two. l was blessed to be part of this impromptu sitting. We finished the night with a personal meditation and essential oil deluxe massage. I love working for the people in heaven.


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