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Life after death communication

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I am going to go out on a limb here! “I would have said "What you do is hokus pokus "So a nice gentleman was brought in by his wife this week to have a reading. As he sat in the chair I could feel the presence of his mother and father and I commented you have so many people here on the other side of the etheric veil." I have your lovely mother here let me give you proof she is truly here. As your lovely mother steps forward, she shows me how she was a particular neat dresser. She impresses on my mind there is a joke about you being her favorite. She shows me you might have been a big boy but she would always make sure you were eating enough. Everyone knows he is my favorite. She is showing me a photo of your dad her husband and her. She loves it has been changed and placed recently in your house. (My client replies “not not sure what you are talking about”) She really wanted me to know how much she loved her husband it was a special relationship. Your mum says she has the baby and you would know a lady with a b sounding name all connected. Your mother has just brought to my attention your dad and herself loved their cups of tea. (She did this by I had poured a cup of tea but not brought it in my room) In my mind she brought it to my attention putting it in my hand allowing me to taste it, it was so good).You mum is showing me this is a stretch of faith coming through a medium. Your mum shows me you have been struggling with where we live. She shows me an example of dividing your time in half in 2 countries. Wanting to be on the move. Your dad is trying to blend with me now. "Hokus Pokus" he says. (Making me laugh) No way would he believe you could talk to the dead. Your dad shows me you have a secret then say , "I am going out on a limb here" Your dad shows me you love your car so much you talk to it. He says, he hears you tell it. Its OK girl just keep going on a little further. It has been not working the best so you encourage it. (My client chuckles its true). Your dad is so proud of the values of who you are. You are a model father husband and friend and son. Your dad talked about often not wanting and liking to get older. Your mother’s brother is here your uncle. Your mother brings through this very solid looking dog medium size that is solid like a panda that you had as a child and says" you won't believe it is here. Mum and dad are excited about the trip you and your wife are planning October November this year. Some names where called for reference to be confirmed. A personal message for his wife was given then we closed. I then asked could he clarify some points. * The baby was a twin that was lost to Bella. * He was the favorite and so very proud of it. Mum was always making sure I was well feed even when I was an adult and married. * So what if l really love my car and chat to it. lol * Dad and mum where not a believer in talking to people who had died. He thought it was like magic. * I have been talking to my wife about travelling spending half our time in one country. * Mum and dad had up to 12 cups a tea a day. * My wife & I were at the travel agent yesterday getting prices& brochures for the trip. The clients wife comments, the photo you don’t know about I was at the shop yesterday and had it modified printed and put up on our private Facebook page. Well to me that was the evidence I needed. Hubby was unsure so it could not have been psychic. I am always looking for the science of life after death communication. Thank you so much for allowing me to share your story. Love c

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