Kiss me and say good bye!

To lose a husband suddenly is a tragic but within weeks to lose your son as well. I can't say too much about today's reading because of confidentially but I have to share one thing. I was playing on my lap top angel music behind my mediumship. As my clients family came in from the etheric world, the computer starting playing. Vera lynne “kiss me and say good bye" it was impossible The lap top said it was now playing "Krishna Das."

My client said because of her culture the words in that song meant so much. She had kept her family after their passing to give them one last kiss. It was such a pleasure to be of service to the people in heaven. I thank them for so many coming in for this grieving lovely lady.

Even her dog who just died came into the room. So exciting the jokes from her people as evidence. I am humbled to do this work.

Docstory 23092018

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