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Key to My Heart

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

"A broken heart of a distraught Grandma". A special Nana came today being very skeptical of communication from the afterlife. “I am as well" I said, as l said those words my phone watch light up and said out loud. “I am unable to process your information at this moment" well the three of us laughed as this had only ever happened once before. Last time this happened to me was when the mother who was now in the room had come for a reading. So now we knew we had proof someone was trying to speak to them both. So I prayed to get a good connection. Nan’s grandson did not disappoint her. So much love, he gave his nana a message about his observations about her recent eating habits mentioning way too much sugar, she is a diabetic. He was so funny, he talked about changing her TV channels in life to annoy her and how he could do that again in the etheric world. He said she loved to stare into the sky and make pictures and how he now loves to bring to her attention to certain shapes. The shape being something out of the ordinary that would signify his presence. He showed us that it would be (personal).He talked about her mother gave her name was here to greet him when he left his body. He was so happy to tell his nana that her mum had changed her personality to be now as loving as she was known for her sternness and grumpiness here on earth. He talked about he had the baby who had died with him and how her first husband Thomas and his uncle where both with him. He brought through nanas dog who had recently passed over. Showing me its name had a lot of o's in it. A regular Noah's ark he said over here. He was happy about the new frame on his photo that she had. He really wanted his Nan to help the parents of his girlfriend who also died with him. You are the rock of our family you have to help her mother. She has been trying to let her mother know she is alright but her mum's grief is stopping her communication and signs from being noticed .He really wants you to understand that he wants to take half the blame for the accident. My girlfriend is my soul mate she completes my heart. ( when l said that he showed me a silver pendant that was a 2 piece heart,) Nana we have no room over here leave the house and go walking to the beach. I will be with you (there was some personal things then we closed the reading. I asked to explain a few things. The dog’s name was Zoro. lol .Walking on the beach she leaves next week for holiday on the beach. Yes, nana had been so sad she had been binge eating sweets loosing hope. It was such a blessing to be part of this but what blew my mind happened next. The daughter said look "l have photos of where we put my son's ashes” In the photo was the personal thing he had laughed about. Way too funny the mother had never noticed it before then showed Nana. But it got even better she went into her bag and showed her mother and myself the silver locket he wore and his girlfriend who died with him wore the other half. True love never ends. The nana said "I have to go to explain that my brand new TV is not broken last week it just starts to make strange noises lol " I so love my work and I am humbled to share their story. Thank you for allowing me to share your amazing journey.

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