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I will be the judge of that, l am a skeptical medium

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Sometimes l sit here in total amazement of the intelligence & strength of the people in the spirit world .

A recently had a lady book a mediumship/ intuition session.

Upon her arrival walking into my foyer entrance l could hear a radio station playing.

I quickly said " l am sorry you must turn your phone off"

My lady replied " it is off "

Well l was then on a mission where was the radio station talking coming from?

I excused my self and looked one metre beside her l found my google had turned on playing old radio turns.

I turned it off and apologised to my client explaining it had never come on like that in four years.

I looked at my sitters face she was going red with what later l found out to be embarrassment.

She said " l think l may of did it!"" You see it happens at my work and home all the time l talk to my family who have left this world and l think this is how they reply"

We both smiled l said : well that interests me alot we have studied physical mediumship for over 10 years sitting every week with dedicated mediums in circle for phenomena .

My lady and l then sit down and l start the reading.

Her departed grandparents felt so strong like they where in the room such beautiful people.Relaying what they had seen since their passing.We had knocks on the walls during the session, the kettle clicked but then the best evidence happened.

We were talking about the light of consciousness and studying more of what it is.

When one of my strings of beautiful fairy lights flew into the air and hit the chairs.

" Thats near Impossible" l said laughing.

My client again apologised for her spirit people .

I said " l love it they had unravelled my lights off their hooks then flung them over the chairs.Even my grand daughter could not get the lights down .

We chatted how much love and how many people have to work together to create physical phenomena.

Truly an amazing experience to witness.

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