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Hello from Heaven!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Every day I pray and ask please let me be of service to help someone. Yesterday I was getting in my car and a lady tapped me on the shoulder, it felt like an electric shock hit me. "Excuse me" she said “I am looking for a sports massage for my shoulder do you know anyone in the area that does that? I replied " Yes there is a shop about 5 minutes by car away from my house." the lady went on talking " I am visiting my daughter from Adelaide I don't have a car ." "Well I will drive you there now if you like?” I replied. Very excited the lady got in my car. As she got in I said “Are you on your own now, no husband?" she said "yes he has died.” Boom!!!! I knew why she had met me. I say to her “It was not by random that you picked me to ask where to get help for your pain. I research life after death communication"

Now picture the look on this little Italian lady's face. Beautiful woman about 70 years old. I thought I was going to have to pick her face up off the floor. "Really, I have always wondered about if it could be done" she muttered. “Come back tomorrow at 1pm and let us see what happens I will not be charging you a penny." I said. Well right on time my lovely lady attended. I sat and prayed and asked who I could bring through. Firstly came through the etheric veil was her mother she showed me never learnt English she talked about the bond that she had with her daughter. She showed me she had died from many illnesses over a 6 month period of time. She said she had never been to Australia and how there was many people in the spirit world here for my sitter. Her mother spoke about her excitement to see who once again attending church after a very long absence. The Family showed me of their strong catholic roots with the cross being displayed throughout their homes. The sitters brother came through as did her grandmother who spoke about a special ring that had been handed down to her. Even the husband’s mother who was very close to her came in and sat with us. Finally I coached her husband to come closer. He was a very quiet man. So well dressed all the time he insisted on her clothes to be neatly pressed and very professionally dressed. Quite a handsome picture he displayed. He mentioned that his wife was with him when he left his earthly body. He shows me his health had not been good his stomach and heart had problems but then he said i bump my head and fade out painlessly. He talked about his favourite picture of the two of them being when they were very young and he was wearing a black suit. He showed me the importance of even after an argument he must have a kiss and hold her hand and say good night. He mentioned he missed her huge feasts with the relatives and friends attending. He wanted her to know he could see she was lonely and had heard her say she was going to join a new group to make friends. He tried to spell a name for me AR I said he is telling me his name. What a lovely family to bring through. I stopped and asked for clarification about some things. My lovely sitter replied “My mother lived in Italy no English, the ring is an heir loom that has 5 large diamonds around a large centre.


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