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Happy Father's Day

Happy father’s day Dad ( Patrick). It has been 6 years since you got promoted and went to the company of Heaven. This photo showed up a few years ago on Facebook by a guy who was a friend 36 years ago. I had not heard from him. Magically the picture came up on my Facebook and we were not friends. The flamed 1956 supercharged Chevrolet was my baby for many years. My dad was in the middle he loved cars like I do. I had never seen that photo before. The car (falcon) on the left was my friend Scott Moris's. I contacted Scott asked him after 35 years of not seeing him how was he. His reply" Not too good, my brother just passed away." Well l said "He is trying to communicate with you, using me I study life after death communication”. “No way, that is so good to know I miss him so much" ......So you see when we look for signs our loved ones in heaven will do whatever than can to show they are still right with us but have just changed form....


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