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Grandma’s love

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

So all my visitors here on earth and in the etheric plain (heaven) know I love animals. So this story is funny that I had a spirit person play the animal card. lol A lovely lady came for an aromatic massage. As she sat in the chair I could feel the presence of her lovely grandmother and a man was standing back behind me watching. I explained to my client that I study proof of life after death communication. I said" would you like me to connect with your loved ones?" "Yes please "came the reply. Now anyone that knows me, will be very aware I am against working psychically (looking at the client working from aura, using body language) so I ask to connect closing my eyes I blend with the spirit world.

What a beautiful lady was this grandmother a sheer delight. She brought through her personality so elegant. She talked about the jewelry and the photo that had been changed over of her recently. She loved the new one of 15 years ago that captured her before her health declined. She even laughed about a recipe that my sitter had try to find to cook like she did. My sitter was told that her grandma wondered why she rarely made scones and cakes like they used to. This lovely grandma was having so much fun talking through me, it was something never discussed here on earth as she was religious. (I am skeptical myself) so grandma showed her initials and her granddaughter my sitter was named after her. Her grandfather also wanted his attendance here today known. Now the whole time I am working this man is standing back in the distance. I close the reading opening my eyes telling my sitter about this man. Now here is the funny part. I say as I open my eyes" He just passed me this medium size dog as he stood there." Well that was it he then stood close and wanted to come in. My sitter agreed to let me go back into trance. I know who this man is as her Father in law. He showed he had recently passed, "I have my beloved dog with me." He says, he talked about her family visiting and the bond her husband and he had. He was so appreciative of his son, her husband and how he was there for him when he got sick. He talked about not liking the continual care he needed before leaving this earth. He showed his health condition and working profession. He gave a personal message for his beloved wife and for his son (her husband) on observations he had made since his passing. He had not believed you could talk to people that had passed over. So here was my lucky client thinking I will just get a deluxe massage today. Her family in heaven decide to arrive as well. So finally she gets her massage and floats home on love and the smells of the essential oils.

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