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Go buy tickets now!!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

"Go buy tickets now!!!”That is what I kept hearing last Friday from 9 am to 10 am constantly I could hear "buy netball tickets to the finals." I am thinking to myself you are losing the plot. Finally I gave in , I was thinking I really am not in a position to spend a lot of money to watch Netball .I had never watched a live big game ,I am a big basketball fan. So I got up from the important job. I was doing excused myself and went in search of tickets. Within 2 minutes I found 2 that a man called David was selling. Why I tell you his name is because I was only free to look around because another man called David had changed his appointment on the netball game day, meaning I could attend event. So here I am thinking my youngest daughter will be so excited that I have brought her and I tickets to this huge game at Boondall. So I collect my tickets on the way I purchase handmade soaps and pop them in a gift bag because the people were losing money on these gold class tickets. I get in my head “put your business card in bag" I mutter to myself absolutely not, sometimes what I study puts people off talking to me. So I am greeted by a lovely lady as she passes me the tickets she gets very emotional. She says "I am only selling 2 of my 3 tickets as my grandfather died yesterday. “Well you should have seen my face. I had to say it" Here is a gift for you and I nearly put my card in the bag, but I questioned it" I went on “I study life after death communication and I believe your grandfather sent me here today to prove it. When you are ready I will give you a complimentary reading for selling the tickets cheap to me. She replied “I had always wanted to meet a medium but was worried about what I see on TV. We smiled when she said “I will be sitting with you at the game" So the funny part so far of this story was my daughter could not go to the game because of grade 12 study exams. I shook my head now I had two gold class tickets to a game I was not too excited about going to. My lovely hubby offered to go with media had a blast sitting next to this lovely lady being brought together by her and my people in heaven. I am so looking forward to reading for her next week.


Part 2 of the people in heaven urging me to go to a netball game. So a recent story l wrote where it resulted in me telling a lady I was a medium and offered her a no charge reading in exchange for her discounted netball tickets that I paid for one week later. As soon as the lovely lady entered my appointment room so many of her spirit family wanted to come through. His granddad had only left his earthly body a few days before and had so much to share. He joked about her family having their flights changed causing hiccups on the way to his funeral. He acknowledged that she had brought back a large photo of him to have it re-framed for her lounge. His character was larger than life, l loved working with him. He stepped back to allow so many others to come in Aunties, uncles other grandparents. I was humbled to be part of this out pouring of love that this family shared. I so love working for the people in heaven love cat.


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