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Father’s love

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Hurry! Get in your car! Go now! Today I woke up hearing those words, I said to my youngest daughter "We need to try a different vegan restaurant for lunch today." I search on Google and found this particular one that caught my eye but it was an hour and 15 minute drive away. With some persuasion she said yes. So I felt we had to head off early, not long after our arrival a lady and her two sons arrived and sat at the table beside us. I smiled and nodded. Our amazing lunch arrived.

The servings were very large so I offered the lady and her children some of my salt and pepper tofu and they accepted. I asked her if she went there often, to which she responded no. It was only her second time. I went to tell her it was my first time but she said "I know who you are." The lady then went on to say how she had a friend who knew me very well. When she named that friend I remembered her friend asking me if I would help the lady I was now sitting across from, because she was struggling with the loss of her father whom she loved dearly.

I said to the lady that I had offered her a free reading many months ago but she had not taken up my offer. The lady responded with "As I got in the car today with my children, my father's favorite song came on and made me very emotional". She had felt her father's presence on her half an hour journey to the cafe. I replied with "it was not random that I have driven to be here at this moment." I was thinking I was offering a complete stranger and her family some food but it was her father from the departed world, who had twice now tried to get me to meet his lovely daughter. I once again offered her a free reading to bring her proof of her father's existence in the afterlife. I love working for the company of heaven.


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