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Daughter’s love!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

In my work I am blessed with meeting people who have lost a loved one and maybe every 6 months they drop in for a deluxe essential massage. But sometimes the people in heaven have other ideas. Recently a very most courageous mother came for such a massage. As I sat across form this lovely lady, I could feel the presence of her recently departed daughter. This lady's story was, she had tragically lost her young daughter leaving 4 young children without their mother. The events around this event could make a movie the people who were there at the scene, I knew them, where it happened the time. This brave young grandmother had now picked up the pieces of this families shattered life and was trying to make sense and give her grandchildren the extra love her daughter had always shown them. So back to the sitting. Her daughter from the spirit world strongly entranced me wanting to stop what I was doing and give her mother some messages. She wanted to her to be happy to know she was watching her efforts with her family and to acknowledge all the birthday celebrations in the next 8 weeks." I have to say there seems to be a joke about personalized plates she wants me to talk about. She also wants me to give you this lovely book, I just brought and gold and fake diamond pen and say “Happy valentine’s day to you" because you to would always celebrate that day between yourselves lol. She went on to give a personal message to her mother. I completed the reading and asked ' What’s with the personalized number plates" Her mother replied. I wanted "sexy" plates and she wanted her name. Well my face hit the ground “No Way stop it" I said. I was in a car park 3 hours before the reading and walked around a car with 'Sexy' number plates. I walked 2 metres to my car and a car with her daughter’s name on the number plates, which I did not realize it went way too fast in front of me. Apparently it was the new car of the secretary of the establishment of where I was. Now there is more to this story I cannot publish because of the sensitivity of the personal situation of my lovely sitter. What I can say is the love that this mother and daughter shares cannot be broken in her leaving her earthly body. Thank you so much for allowing me to share your story with others that need to be reminded our loved ones are but a thought away. Love and prayers to your family.

Docstory 31012018

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