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Cancel the reading!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Cancel the reading? What? I got this in my head three times before finally I got to meet a lady who had booked for a mediumship reading. I could not work out why this lady was having such bad luck trying to sit for me. On our third attempt to meet my lady she says "bring it forward a hour"( Now I am thinking this is going to be crazy busy because I cook cake for clients I sit and pray for one hour before each one). I have to set up the hot towels and aromatic oils. So I send a text to her saying I am 15 minutes behind which she does not get. So finally I get to sit for this lovely patient lady. So many people from the spirit world wanted to come through. Grandparents Uncles, her partners dog who died a couple of weeks ago but here is the funny one. I say I know I have your mother here but she is confusing me with her attitude towards me. (I am thinking I need to work harder to get her mother in the spirit world to like me). So I give her evidence and yes okay it convinces my sitter she is here. She talked about the neck lace my sitter wanted, the way she passes over to the other world. She says she has my sitter’s baby she lost. After a few minutes I am thinking she finally likes me lol.

She talked about her other children and what she had seen since her passing. I give a personal message and close the reading. I say to my sitter “That was such an unusual feeling with your mother to try to get information." My sitter laughs." You know how we kept not being able to sit, our appointments kept changing?" Yes" I reply. " Well one of conversations I had with my mother before she died was she said" Never go to a medium to contact me when I am dead or I will give you a hard time lol" We both laughed and my sitters phone beeped. She just got the text I sent 2.5 hours ago saying I would be 15 minutes late today. What an honor to meet this beautiful family and to help this mum connect with her daughter finally.


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