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A prayer

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

So be careful for what your children pray for. My client yesterday lovely single mum attends her appointment with me with her son. l say when she walks in "Would your son like an expensive go cart?" She looks at me surprised and says "Last 2 days he has prayed for one."l say "no worries it is yours my son no longer needs it." While doing her massage her son is playing with his new go cart and starts squealing in joy. l go to the door he says "look God just gave me my other wish a dog." His dog had died and he was missing it a lot. We had never seen that dog before he just wandered into our yard. We took him to the vet for an ID because he had no tags. He lived two streets away.

The man came to collect him after the vet called him he was worth $4,000 and was stunned that that dog was missing. But this little boy got to play with him for the hour his mum had a massage. You have to love the people in heaven. They kept this young boy occupied so his struggling mum could have time out plus they answered his prayers .hugs c


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