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A mother knows best

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Last week l had to suddenly cancel a client's reading because I needed to visit my mother in hospital urgently. I re-booked Saturday evening. I usually cook some lovely cake but had just bought vegan apple pies so popped a couple in oven for us. So what a special time we had, it was all about timing. My client’s grandparents were quick to want to prove they were in the room with us. I could feel the presence of a lovely lady standing behind me watching us. I asked “may I ask is your mother left this earthly world?"." Yes “came the reply from my sitter. Well this mother was quick to show me she did not believe in after life communication. She wanted to be acknowledged to her other daughters.

She laughed about the saga with her rings. So many decisions about what to do with them, remodel or resize them. Her mother wanted to thank her daughter’s husband for being so especially kind to her and for looking after her daughter. "Your mum loved to cook little cakes." She loves the pie we have." My sitter excitedly says" she loved to cook apple pies." "Your mother is trying to show me a celebration tomorrow in her honor.

She normally loved a lemonade or a good cup of tea but she is clinking flute glasses laughing." So much love was shared by this family more like best friends. Then a personal message was given .When l finished l asked could she elaborate further. We are having a party in mum's honor tomorrow.

It was so amazing you cancelled my first appointment because l was on my way to you and the groups would not allow it to happen. My mother adored my husband .I am wearing one of her rings that l was not sure of what to do with."....... I am humbled & am honored to be part of this proof "love never dies" thank you for letting me share your story to inspire others.

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