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A Mother and Daughters’ love

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

How do you cope with losing your teenage daughter and her boyfriend all in one night? This is a story of a mother and daughters bond that reaches beyond the grave. Recently I was very blessed with being able to help a lady who had tragically lost her young adult daughter and her daughter’s partner. So much emotion came through from her daughter. “Mum I am so sorry for what I said to you before I died" her lovely daughter gave such good proof describing her personality here on earth.

She told us of how she struggled with her school studies and of the very special friendship that her mum and her shared. She apologised for how that was managed when the love of her life came on the scene." Please forgive me" she begged. I am with the man that was my other half. “Mum we did not suffer" I was in an altered state when I leave the earth" ". Grandma was here and Granddad to meet me. Mum I got a cat!" then laughs. {I had no idea what that meant}. I love that you have my boyfriend’s mum supporting you {name withheld}.”I want you to organise the bubble day you have planned we love the idea. “I am sorry for the trouble it has caused over my car" " I love the Tattoo you got on your for arm for me and yes I heard that you want another tattoo but have not liked the pain" and then her daughter laughed. Mum let go of my things you have my heart, I love that you are wearing my necklace. (It was as emotional for me as there was so much love and apologies to share). There was then a personal message. I composed myself stopped the trance reading and asked may I ask questions? Her mother quickly said “yes. Firstly her mum said" My daughter had an argument 2 weeks before she died and would not speak to me. "On earth I forbid her to have a cat, so I expect she is laughing because she now has one."" I understand why she says sorry over her car. It was under finance and the insurance company is trying to get the money from me constantly calling etc." Her mother showed me her tattoo then talked about trying to get another in time lol. The mother had been organising a releasing of bubbles at the crash scene instead of balloons as the family where mind full of the damage to the environment letting balloons go. The bond that the two mothers here on earth who both lost their children together on that day is so special. I am so humbled to be of service to the spirit world. Thank you for allowing me to share your journey with much love Cat.


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