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A makeup artist

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

You have to love the power of a mothers love even after death. Yesterday I needed to buy a new lipstick. I went to a shop that I do not buy from and found a color a have never worn before, I felt like a woman on a mission. As I selected the makeup a lovely assistant spoke to me." We have a talented makeup artist from America that works in Hollywood and on runway. If you buy the lipstick today he will trial it on you." Well I thought I am nearly 60 years old I had only make ever done for me once when I was 20 years old." Oh ok, I felt a little strange thinking it seemed like I was bother. He sat me in the chair and starts to become teary. I ask him what is wrong. He says “I have been off work for 2 months emotional leave. I have just felt my mother stand behind me, she sadly has just died we were very close." He then apologies and says" I have no idea of why I just told you that." I look in the mirror and see I have worn my jacket that is embroidered “The field of Grace I have not worn in 2 years. I say to him “Do you believe your mother can communicate from the other side of the veil?" He replies “I have been thinking about it". I then say, “It was no random coincidence that I came into this shop today. It is hard to buy cruelty free make up little alone on the day I want a lipstick I go to a store I have never supported. The exact color is on special and a gifted makeup artist was here to apply it." We chatted about life after death communication he hugged me so tightly. He said it was the most wonderful part of his trip to think his mother had prompted me to shop there and meet her son and answer all the questions about life after death .He was such a lovely man.

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