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A Spiritual Medium

helping you work on your life path, evolve through grief and receive proof that love never dies.

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Welcome to Catherine L. Richmond Spiritual Medium.

Discover the extraordinary power of spiritual connection and guidance.

With Catherine's intuitive abilities and compassionate approach, she helps individuals find clarity, healing, and peace.

Experience the transformative journey of connecting with the spiritual realm and uncovering the answers you seek. Embrace the profound wisdom and guidance that awaits you on this spiritual path.

Begin your journey today.

.Catherine L. Richmond has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to studying the afterlife. She did this so that during mediumship and intuitive readings she can prove to you that she is without a doubt, communicating with your loved ones in heaven, bringing you closure and peace.

Her mission is to connect you with your loved ones in spirit and help you live a more peaceful life, through meditation, affirmations,  and past-life regression therapy. She will coach you to empower yourself and teach life-changing techniques to help your body heal.

Catherine L. Richmond specialises in international readings, providing closure to people in countries and continents such as the United States of America, New Zealand, Germany, England and India.

Catherine only holds two sessions a day.this is to  On the day of enquiry you will be sent an appointment offer, we ask you reply as soon as possible please to confirm your appointment. We keep our prices the lowest in the industry to be able to help anyone seeking answers.

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Our Life Changing Products

Catherine L. Richmond is committed to helping individuals find clarity and direction on their life journey. Her passion has led her to create two life-changing apps and two decks of cards, each designed to inspire and guide you along your path. Read more about Catherine's recent projects and find out how they can help you achieve your spiritual goals on our projects page.

The Field of Grace is a free app that has many meditations, daily affirmations, tutorials and interviews.

Pick a daily affirmation card, and choose from a large variety of meditations designed to help you sleep, help you clear your mind, find inner peace and connect with your loved ones. 

Love of Life Daily Divine Guidance Cards make doing your daily, weekly and yearly card readings simple. With just the click of a button, the app will pull up to three cards for you


Heaven Sent Messages features 45 beautifully illustrated cards with personalised messages and guidance from your loved ones in Heaven. Only $39.95 includes postage in Australia.

Contact us or see our products page for more details. 



Free The Field of Grace App 

Both Heaven Sent and

Love of Life card decks, 


Love of Life

Daily Divine Guidance Card



Taiyla, Client


Teale, Client & Student

"Catherine is such a beautiful person. Not only a completely talented medium but also an incredible human who is committed to living in alignment, with integrity at her core. This is not just an intuitive or psychic reading, it is a holistic experience. It is as physically grounded, as it is spiritually amazing. You leave feeling empowered to put into action, the steps you know you are ready to take. With a new awareness of your co-creation with life and a connection to your spirit team. Highly recommend."

"I would highly recommend Catherine. Catherine is a wonderful and professional spiritual medium. I had a lovely and comforting mediumship reading with Catherine, and she truly connected with me psychically and also with my loved ones who had passed. Catherine provided evidence that I was able to validate with those that were coming through from the spirit world. There were a few tears and giggles as memories were shared, and it was an enjoyable and fun reading together. I’ve walked away feeling the love and care from all those looking after me and my journey."

Established in 2009 as the Field of Grace. Catherine is driven by her passion to help the grieving and prove that LOVE never dies convening messages from your dearly departed loved ones.


To do this Catherine has spent tens of thousands of dollars on education about the Afterlife : Past life Hypno Regressions : Evidential Mediumship and Spiritualism. Uniquely bringing all these qualities in your session 

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About Us

Catherine L. Richmond 

Spiritual Medium

Our Insightful Youtube Channel

Our Youtube Channel contains over 30 free meditations, intriguing tutorials on how to change your life and motivational speeches. 

Catherine L. Richmond is available for appointments

 Seven days a week . Only seeing 2 clients a day to offer a premium service at a very low donation.

She is available in person, Zoom, WhatsApp & Facebook . Like all other registered trained mediums we no longer give our phone number . This is due to spam sales .

Address sent after payment confirmation


Business Hours 10 am to 4.30pm or After hours /Week ends


Shorncliffe 4017 



By Appointment Only

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Please check all your email files today for a appointment offer ,as we only see two clients a day you will need to reply on same day of enquiry to hold your appointment .

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

We thank the universe for bringing you into our life.

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