Heal Your Life

For more than 10 years our staff has been devoting their lives to the spiritual treatment of all seekers for help. 

Plenty of people from all around the world have had the chance to experience the greatest gift of a spiritual treatment at The Field of Grace in Brisbane, Australia. 

Countless people report of physical or mental disorders which have been eased or even cured.

 We welcome anyone who asks for help, regardless of religion, origin and beliefs. 

We have enriched the lives of countless people and we are the messengers of love and healing. 


We like to open up the hearts of the participant with meditation, music, prayers and times of silence.

Physical intervention has been known to take place, resulting in miracle healings.

Contact us to enquire about how we can help you change your health problems. 

We specialise in cases that some believe all hope is lost.

If you have decide it is your time to leave this earth we can explain of what to expect when crossing over to the spiritual world.