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Sisters’ love

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

"Not today Sister!" A lovely lady booked recently for a reading. I explained how I did not want to work psychically. So I sat and asked her people in the spirit world to come close. I said I know I have your father here, I know that he passed over five years ago. He shows me he passes from esophagus and thorax cancer. It is important that you understand he does not have those painful conditions anymore. There was some other small pieces of evidential information to confirm he was her father. He showed me he truly did not believe in communication with the afterlife. As I brought through her grandmother, my sitter (client) exclaimed that she really was hoping to hear from her sister. I refocused myself to try and blend with her sister. I knew that she died suddenly and tragically, I know that she had been named after two people in her family. I felt that she had died more than 10 years ago. I struggled with a little bit of evidence and so I stopped the reading. I turned to my sitter, and I said that it's always the mediums fault why the reading couldn't be more evidential. I said, "It really felt like she had an estranged relationship with her sister. Can you please tell me more?" She responded with, "My sister died over 40 years ago, I never met her. She was 18 months old. My mother had her adopted out." So I now see why it was so difficult for me to connect. There was many reasons, among them was that there was no known relationship between them while she was alive. It is extremely difficult for mediums to connect to loved ones that you have no relationship with.

Docstory 19072018

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