Past life regression therapy often assists many people to transform their lives.

Many Improvements reported by people who have 

experienced past life regression are greater levels of:

• sense of purpose

• freedom,

• self confidence,

• happiness,

• health,

• peace of mind,

• ability to show greater love





Belief is not necessary

You don't have to believe in past lives in order to enjoy and benefit from past-life therapy.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in past lives, the emotions and experiences you have during a past life regression session often act as catalysts which may improve your self-understanding and help you to change your life.

It doesn't matter whether your experiences during a past-life session are subconscious metaphors for issues in your present life or whether they are actual past life memories. This is because the benefits that you receive from the therapy arise from experiencing and understanding the subconscious feelings, patterns and memories.

The truth is that it isn't possible to know whether your experiences in a past life regression session are real memories of past lives or something that has been made up by your subconscious. But that's not important, because if your subconscious made them up then it did so for a reason and the real value comes from identifying the lessons that are there to be learnt.

What is past life regression?

Past life regression therapy is a powerful healing tool which works throughout the many levels of your being:

Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

It's a form of hypnotherapy where the objective is to discover the original source of a problem and then to go back and bring healing to that original trauma. 


Who am I? Why a Regression

This age old question is still extremely relevant in today’s modern society. Nobody knows who they are especially considering the majority of people choose to ignore their path caught up in the consumer society.Past life Regression clears the partial haze over this question allowing you to know yourself in a way many people pass through carnations without ever knowing.


Past life regression opens a portal to your past allowing you to learn from previous mistakes, making it easier to proceed to the path of enlightenment. A regression takes three hours; the first hour is spent talking about your current life habits and changes that can be made to help you stay positive with life and pursue your path towards the best possible future.


The Second hour is spent with a soothing massage that includes the application of thirty-five different essential oils. The oil provides the right elements that soothe you into the third stage and allows you to easily let go of past negative thought patterns.


The third stage is the regression itself, this is guided by Catherine Richmond a specialist hypnotherapist. During this time you will be guided to doors of the past allowing you to all the all four corners of your immortal soul. As it was once famously said knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Best prices in town 

$130 for 3 hours include full essential oil massage

Past Life Regression Brisbane