Catherine L. Richmond

Catherine L. Richmond is a life after death conversationalist. She has intensively studied spiritualism, mediumship and the art of living a holistic life style for over 10 years. Attending courses run by elite mediums and spiritualists such as Tony Stockwell, Mavis Patilla and Louise Herman. She studies and lives the work of Gordon Higginson, Arthur Findlay, Nettie Colburn, Etc. Etc. 

Catherine promotes living a cruelty free lifestyle, in order to become your happiest, healthiest self. 

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Catherine Richmond established The Field of Grace in 2009. Since then she has dedicated herself to helping others on their spiritual journeys. She has studied hypnotherapy, Evidential mediumship & essential oils and how they can change your life. She provides the tools that are essential to have to change your life.  Catherine Richmond was inspired and started a free Youtube channel and placed educational tools to help you achieve higher on your spiritual journey. These tools include meditations to bring peace to your life. 

The Chanel is   Catherine L Richmond.